Turbo tagine on all heat sources including induction 32cm




Cast aluminum tagine with 3-layer non-stick marble coating to minimize the use of fats and have healthy meals rich in minerals, vitamins and preserves flavors. 

Originally made of terracotta, the tagine is now available in several materials to offer ease of cooking, use and cleaning while preserving the conical shape of its lid to maintain flavors. 

Cook all your meats and other dishes with sauce in this magnificent cast aluminum tagine that you can place as a centerpiece during your receptions.

Its lid ensures uniform cooking of your preparations, retains humidity to allow an explosion of flavors during cooking and ensures that your dishes are kept warm until ready to eat.

Robust silicone handles for safe use 

Compatible with all heat sources: gas, electric hobs, glass ceramic and induction

Uniform distribution of heat thanks to its conical lid: for preservation of flavors and successful meals!

Keeps your food warm after cooking

Ideal for cooking and presenting your tagines and other dishes with sauce (chicken drumsticks or thighs, ground meat, vegetables, fried rice, etc.)

Diameter 32cm depth 7.5cm: tagine for 6 to 8 people

Dishwasher safe, effortless cleaning

The tagine can be used in the oven with a temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius

Ecological tagine: no PFOA, no lead or cadmium

For durability, it is recommended to only use wooden or silicone utensils so as not to wear out the non-stick coating.


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