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Product description

Royal Swiss cold and hot water dispenser with fountain water dispenser with mini refrigerator for drinks. Ideal combined tap for cold water 6 – 10 degrees or hot water 85 – 90 degrees. Water cooler suitable for water bottles with 15.18 and 18.9 liters.


  • Cold and Hot Water: Provides instant chilled, room temperature and boiling water. Back heating and cooling switch, once pressed, it can be operated easily and conveniently under normal heating. Two types, one with heating, one with heating and cooling.
  • Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel Liner: Guarantees the peace of mind of the family, intelligent temperature control, automatic shutdown and quick drying, safer use.
  • Powerful cooling: electronic heat sink, fast cooling, water temperature of only 15 °C. Enjoy cool ice water.
  • Time-saving: Our water dispenser with top loading function saves time when you need to quickly prepare a cup of tea, hot cocoa or instant soup. You never have to wait for a pan or kettle to boil.
  • Hygienic drinking water key: You may need to use water dispensers in public places such as libraries, offices, restaurants, etc. Slot compartments are ideal for disposable plastic cups to ensure public drinking water sanitation.




  • Heating input: 650W
  • Heating capacity: 5L/H
  • Heating temperature: 85 – 95 ° C
  • Cooling input: 100W
  • Cooling capacity: 2L/H
  • Cooling temperature: 6 – 10°C
  • Voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Gross weight: 16kg
  • Packaging size: 350 x 333 0 x 10 20 mm


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