Royal Swiss Pressure Cooker With Marble Coating 8 Liters


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Product information

Do you want to cook a meal very easily and quickly? Cooking is a piece of cake with this 8 liter pressure cooker with a diameter of 24 cm. You cook all your favorite ingredients to perfection. The handles of the pressure cooker are ergonomically designed, giving you a comfortable grip when picking up the pressure cooker. You can use the pressure cooker on various hobs, including induction.

  • Available for induction and much more
  • With a capacity of 8 liters, the pan has a large capacity
  • Has a Marble Coating

Enjoy healthy meals with the Royal Swiss pressure cooker

With the Royal Swiss Pressure Cooker you can make your favorite dishes in no time. The pressure cooker also ensures that everything is cooked to perfection. You can easily open and close the pan using the lever attached to the top of the pressure cooker. When the pressure cooker is locked, the red safety valve becomes visible on the handle. This allows the pressure cooker to keep the steam and pressure well within the pan itself.

The pressure cooker with a marble coating

The inside of the pan has a marble coating. This brings several advantages. Including that the pan will not stick. The pan is also much stronger than a Teflon or non-stick pan. This also makes the pan very easy to clean. In addition to the Marble Coating, the pressure cooker also has a cooking level indicator. When the 1st white ring is visible. The pressure cooker is in the perfect temperature conditions. When the second red ring is visible, the heat of the pressure cooker is too high.

You receive:

  • Royal Swiss Pressure Cooker with Marble Coating 8 Liters
  • User manual


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