Royal Swiss Pressure Cooker Couscous pan – 2 in 1 – 4 Liters – Ø 22cm – Stainless steel – Induction – Automatic closing




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Découvrez l’autocuiseur Royal Swiss RS-CSA-4: the ultimate cuisine gadget for rapid recovery and faciles! This is the best quality car to consider for your culinary experience and to help you prepare the dishes and dishes.

  • Cuit les repas plus rapidement que les methods de cuisson traditionnelles
  • Preserve the nutrients and save the ingredients
  • Utilization ensures maximum security and pressure regulation
  • Manufactured in stainless steel, durable and with a capacity of 4 litres
  • Ideal for preparing the grand repas for the family and the children
  • It is easy to practice the range and net handling facilities

An autocuiseur durable with great capacity

The Autocuiseur Royal Swiss RS-CSA-4 is manufactured and made of stainless steel, durable and therefore more expensive. With a capacity of 4 litres, it is necessary to dispose of the necessary space for preparing copies for family and friends. Depending on the preparation of the rice, the preparation of the soup and the ragoûts, the autocooker is prepared for the types of dishes.

Cuisinez des repas copieux rapidement et efficacement

The greatest advantage of the car driver is the speed at which you can prepare the repairs. Good luck with the high pressure and constant food, fresh food and fast food. Plus, they preserve the nutrients and save the ingredients, so you can prepare them for a delicious meal and keep them fresh on the table.

The autocuiseur is a utiliser

The Autocuiseur Royal Swiss RS-CSA-4 is suitable for use, allowing the conception of the security and pressure regulator. The best way to do this is to ensure the best possible practice for a range and a net facility. And bref, it is a gadget of cuisine indispensable for the purpose of cuisine and the aim of the energy and energy of the cuisine.

Achetez l’autocuiseur Royal Swiss RS-CSA-4 aujourd’hui et découvrez la facilité et la rapidité de cuisson avec un autocuiseur de quality supérieure!

Vous recevez:

  • Autocuiseur Royal Swiss RS-CSA-4
  • Manuel de l’Utilisateur


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