Mister Royal Swiss Chewable Machine 750 Watts


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Mister Royal Swiss Chewable Machine 750 Watts – description

With a power of 750 Watts, the croque monsieur HY-809 from Royal Swiss will allow you to make excellent croques gentlemen for your whole family!

If you want to make croques gentlemen, invest in a croque monsieur machine! This one will serve you to make succulent recipes in no time. On the other hand, to enjoy all of its functions, it is advisable to respect the following instructions for use: maintain the non-stick coating, apply oil when you use it for the first time and of course respect cooking times. This one will perfectly meet your expectations in terms of croques gentlemen.

The Monsieur Royal Swiss chewable machine is easy to use. Indeed, you just have to add your preparations in the molds designed for this purpose. However, you will not need to add too much cheese since the croques could overflow the machine, involving a certain dose of cleaning. As for your safety and that of your children, do not make a blood of ink since the device has a locking system. The handles are insulating and the walls remain cold so there is very little risk of burns. Finally, you can store it easily since it can be tilted vertically.

As for the performance of this chewable device, it delivers a power of 750 Watts. Thus, it allows you to cook two croques gentlemen simultaneously unlike many of its competitors. Each croque will then be cut diagonally and therefore ready to eat! Finally, the croque monsieur offers various functions: control lights indicating the heating of the device as well as its activation and a non-stick coating to facilitate its cleaning.


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