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Electric crepe maker – description

Quick and easy

Pancakes and pancakes are among those foods that can be devoured at breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert. Thanks to the Gadgy crepe maker, cooking pancakes and pancakes, in the comfort of your home and kitchen, has never been easier!

Spatula and rake included

Use the wooden rake to spread the dough evenly and use the wooden spatula to flip or remove the pancake from the baking tray, so as not to damage the nonstick coating.

Non-stick coating

Thanks to the non-stick surface of the baking sheet, you can easily remove your pancakes. Fine pasta may require the application of fat to the tray before cooking the first pancake and, if necessary, for subsequent pancakes. Note: Do not scratch the nonstick surface of the device.

Easy to use

When the device has reached the correct temperature, the “Ready” indicator light illuminates, indicating that the device is ready for use. A fun and quick way to cook pancakes, omelettes, pancakes, flour-based tortillas or any other round and fine food that can be cooked on a baking tray!

Versatile use

Let your imagination run wild with this crepe maker! Cover your pancakes or pancakes with syrup, ice cream, melted chocolate, fruit and anything else you like. Or use it to make yourself a gigantic omelette during your Sunday morning brunches.

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