Cheffinger Oladji Cast Aluminum Pancake Pan Diameter 26cm Triple Coated Pancake Frying Pan




Product Description

Strong points:
– Diameter: 26 cm
– Triple non-stick coating.
– Thick and extra strong base (induction compatible).
– Very high scratch resistance and long life.
– Does not repel pollutants during heating.
– Easy and quick cleaning.
– Ideal pan for frying fried eggs and small pancakes.
– Non-stick coating allows you to prepare healthy and delicious dishes with minimal fat.

– 1 pan.

Are you looking for a pan with which you can prepare traditional pancakes, delicious fried eggs or Saxon pancakes? With our stove, even an inexperienced person becomes a master chef.
All 4 perfectly formed crepes are prepared at the same time. Thanks to its triple non-stick coating, nothing sticks to the surface. Solid cast aluminum ensures even heat distribution, so the dough won’t burn or dry out. Successful pancakes will always bring you a good mood at the breakfast table.
The pan cleans quickly and easily with hot water.

With this pancake pan, make pancakes, fried eggs and much more.
The pan is made of cast aluminum and has a 3-layer marble coating.
It can be used for all types of heat sources.
Nothing sticks thanks to the non-stick coating.

We are confident that you won’t want to miss the pan. Let yourself be convinced.

– Scratch resistant.
– Non-stick coating.
– Easy to clean.
– Heat resistant.
– Excellent heat distribution
– Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction hobs.
– Ergonomic handle.
– PFOA free.
– Eco-friendly.


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