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 Bubble Waffle Maker 99361 Comfortbakery you can make the most delicious bubble waffles in no time.

The Bubble Waffle Maker can be used by anyone, even if they are not that good at making waffles. The indicator light shows when the waffles are ready. Simple and tasty!

Do you enjoy a hearty meal on the weekend in the morning or does someone have a birthday? With the Trebs Bubble Waffle Maker 99361 Comfortbakery you will surprise everyone with a high-quality breakfast or an impressive ice cream cone that you will never forget. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top or fill the waffle with all sorts of goodies. This is guaranteed to be a big party every weekend.

The Trebs Bubble Waffle Maker 99361 Comfortbakery has a compact size so that the device can easily be placed on your kitchen table. The device has practical non-slip feet and the cord has a practical length of 0.75 meters. Thanks to the baking sheet with non-stick coating, the Bubble Waffle Maker is easy to clean. Put a cloth over it and the device shines like new again and is ready for use again.


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